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Greenways Play Offense AND Defense in Defeat of Cancer
Wednesday, March 23, 2022


Chad and Jenni Greenway support initiatives on both sides of cancer fight

March, 2022 - For Chad and Jenni Greenway and their Lead the Way Foundation, community
is everything.  Their unflinching compassion and support of community may become their
legacy, as it shows in everything they do, especially through their Foundation, launched in
2008. Through many diverse programs and initiatives, the Greenways’ Lead the Way Foundation’s
community impact to-date exceeds 17 million families and children.

Since the early days, the Greenways embraced the cancer-struck community and took action. 
Their ongoing support and care of this community includes programs for pediatric cancer patients,
cancer survivors, and caregivers of the extremely ill and disabled.  The Foundation’s flagship programs
involve all three.


Cancer Community and Family
In 2014, when Chad’s hero, his father, died of leukemia, the embrace only strengthened.   Early 2022
stays the course.  With two recent cancer-related project donations–one in the research area, another
in direct patient care--cancer may be on notice.  The cancer-struck community and the Greenway’s
Leading the Way may be the disease’s most daunting opponent yet.  This unshakeable line plays all-out;
it plays offense AND defense, hard; and -- its foundation is named Greenway.

Every 180 seconds someone in US is diagnosed with blood cancer
- The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), the world's largest nonprofit fighting blood cancer

The Greenway Foundation's "Chad's Locker"
program supports pediatric cancer patients 
and their families.
Chad Greenway's hero, champion, and
late Father Alan, who died too young
of leukemia.
A young Chad Greenway, pursuing the dream of
playing for the NFL, of which he told his Dad at six. 
His father simply advised him that it would be hard,
but it could be done. The rest is history.

Cancer Community and Extended Family
Recent Greenway and Foundation contributions support those in need within their Alma Mater community at the
University of Iowa (UI), and its leading blood cancer research institution.  A supporting donation was made to UI's
and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)’s “Student of the Year”
leadership-training and fundraising program.
This program provides funding for defensive cancer research and patient care while also fostering philanthropic
leadership and entrepreneurial skills in UI students.

In 2022, over 25,000 American adults and over 4,100 children will be diagnosed with brain cancer
--The American Cancer Societ

Chad Greenway Viking teammate Nate Triplett in their Minnesota NFL Days Minnesota Vikings teammates Chad Greenway and Nate Triplett in their playing days 

Chad, the former Viking Pro-Bowler and UI All-American, is also helping recruit extra support for a friend and
former teammate, Vikings’ linebacker Nate Triplett.  Triplett was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2021, and
Greenway launched a fundraising campaign, "Tackling Cancer as a Team" as soon as he heard the news and
could speak with Nate.  The campaign has provided some needed financial relief for Nate and his family.  

What's Next?
So what is the plan for the Lead the Way Foundation as they go forward?  According to Chad Greenway,
We continue to evolve as we go on,”  he said, then finished, “If we feel there’s something we can do, we do it."   

With 17 million+ members of our American community impacted so far, EVERY side can find some strength
and hope in the effort, the success.  Perhaps here in 2022,  many will even find their way to join the work, spread
some unflinching compassion themselves alongside the Greenways and their Lead the Way Foundation.   

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